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Posted on March 01, 2014 by Sonja den Elzen

I love to design and create opportunities for experiences for those who connect with my collections.  With Thieves the inspirations for my collections were often from issues of how the planet was being misused, and time in the spot light could be used to bring awareness to issues, such as the Tar Sands with my 2010 fall collection, providing me with a form of "activism" and hopefully connecting people a little deeper to imported causes for consideration and a connection to the beautiful world we live in.
Zen Nomad was brought about through my own search for deeper connection that lead me to become deeply involved in yoga.  Again the collection, and in the future, experiences, will bring the wearer to a more comfortable connection the the effect of what they wear on the planet, their own skin, their own value of self.  
For a while I was torn between the world of fashion and my more "zen " like studies of Chinese five element theory, macrobiotics and the interconnectedness of all things.  How could these two entities that seemed so far apart be mutually present forces?  A natural dye course I took in the smokey mountains helped reveal an interconnectedness between the foraging for food and medicine I was learning with my macrobiotics/shiatsu teacher and the foraging for these same plants to dye clothing and to bring, not the fashion cycle of seasonality into things, but the seasonality of what the earth provides and what our bodies need to be fully adapted to each season and place we experience.  Looking forward to having a studio space again so I can play with these ideas.   
may peace always surround us,

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