About Us

An independent boutique where you are able to shop with a clear conscience for beautiful, sustainable clothing and accessories.



We curate a selection of hand crafted, locally made items from designers and makers who use sustainable production methods.
Sustainable fabrics and low impact dyes make it not only better for the environment but also better for your skin. 


"Sonja’s strong sense of ethics, delicately asymmetric designs and continuous exploration of sustainable materials all ensure that Thieves will be stealing the eco-chic limelight for some time to come." - eluxe magazine


"Beautiful drape and cut. This top is graceful and elegant in any fabric. My favorite is the Linen fabric. I love that I can layer this over a tank, or little bandeau top."  - Anita


"Timeless and elegant dress. I first bought it in mauve and I loved it so much that I had to get the sunshine yellow for my beach vacation! So many ways to wear to this dress - either with a belt or knotted at the bottom."– May


We are inspired to bring beautiful fashion to you while being considerate of our connection and foot print on the earth and trust that you will be inspired by this too.
We are conscious of what we put in our bodies by way of food and feel the same way about what we put on our bodies and how we choose to represent ourselves in the world with considered, stylish garments that are made in small numbers so they remain special to you.


We love using fibers that keep harmful chemicals off our planet and our bodies.  We love working with people we know, we believe in humanitarian working conditions and we love creating beautiful items to keep you current, stylish and expressing your most wonderful self.


"I was originally inspired to bring sustainability practices and fabrics into my designing and business in 2006 when I started Thieves, because my lifestyle was always working towards that, so it only made sense to include this way of working into my business." Sonja


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Thieves boutique showcases the made in Canada in-house line 'Thieves by Sonja den Elzen' and her new line for contemporary yoga wear, zen nomad, as well as other designers who are working in the realm of sustainable design.

Thieves by Sonja den Elzen is a contemporary designer line for men and women with a commitment to sustainability. With a mix of fine tailoring, easy draping, asymmetry and the texturing of fabric each piece is sculpted to human form. With the Thieves collection, den Elzen uses eco friendly fabrics such as organic wool, organic cotton, peace silk, tencel, bamboo and hemp.
Zen Nomad is a yoga lifestyle collection that is uber soft and comfortable and luxuriously stylish all made in Toronto. Using Organic cotton, bamboo with spandex, and linen.
Susana Erazo handcrafts all her beautiful and immaculately done leather work from vegetable tanned leather in her Studio/boutique in Toronto. 
Tania Love is an amazing artist and yoga instructor living and creating in Toronto.  She explores growth and decay in the natural environment around her.  Here we have some of her beautifully naturally dyed scarves and printed with natural inks and patterns she has created.